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| Beijing | Changchun | Changsha | Chengde | Chengdu | Chongqing | Dalian | Datong | Dunhuang | Fuzhou | Guangzhou | Guilin | Guiyang | Haikou | Hangzhou | Harbin | Hefei | Hohhot | Hong Kong | Jinan | Jiuquan | Kaifeng | Kunming | Lanzhou | Lhasa | Luoyang | Nanchang | Nanjing | Nanning | Qingdao | Shanghai | Shenyang | Shenzhen | Shijiazhuang | Suzhou | Taiyuan | Tianjin | Urumqi | Wuhan | Wuxi | Xiamen | Xi'an | Xining | Yangzhou | Zhengzhou |

Brief Introduction of China Cities

Without Beijing, any tour itinerary to China is incomplete, especially for first-time travelers. As the capital of China, Beijing is one of the world's truly imposing cities , with a 3,000-year history and over 11 million people. Covering 16,808 square kilometers in area, it is the political, cultural and economic center of the People's Republic of China ...

Changchun, located northeast of Beijing, is the capital of Jilin Province. It is a Chinese version of a combination of Detroit and Hollywood. It has China's largest motor vehicle plant and largest film studio

Changsha, located on the Xiangjiang River in south central China , is the capital of Hunan Province. The city 's history dates back to the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods (770-331 BC) . In 331 BC, after the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty unified China, the Changsha prefecture was set up. The city was opened to foreign traders in 1904.

Tucked away in a valley 155 miles northeast of Beijing, the mountain resort at Chengde, formerly known as the Jehol Summer Palace, is one of the biggest and most celebrated former imperial gardens in China...

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province in the southwest , has been the economic and cultural center of China's most populous province since 400 BC....

The city of Chongqing can be best described as southwest China's commercial capital. Since 1997, the city has become the fourth municipality, independent from Sichuan Province, to be under the direct control of the central government . The religious cliff sculptures of Dazu and Baodingshan and the Three Gorges scenic region of the Yangzi River are all nearby, making Chongqing an important center for tourism despite the scarcity of notable sights within the city proper.

Dalian is a major port of northeastern China and a trading gateway for all of northern China. Declared a Coastal Open City in 1984, it is located on the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, jutting out into the Bohai Sea in the northeast, between China and North Korea. It is 4 hours by train south of Shenyang . It has a population of about 1.5 million, with a total of 5 million in the larger metropolitan area.
Among the unsung wonders of China's history-soaked heritage are the 1,500-year-old Buddhist grottoes of Datong - an eight-hour train journey from Beijing - in Shanxi Province.
Dunhuang, a small city in Gansu Province, is located near the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road. It is made famous largely by the Buddhist Grottoes, known as the Mogao Grottoes, which are one of the world's most important sites of ancient Buddhist culture. The grottoes, also known as Caves of the Thousand Buddhas , preserve nearly a thousand years of Buddhist cave-temple architecture, clay sculpture, mural paintings, and manuscripts, dating from the 5th to the 14th centuries .
Fuzhou is the capital city of Fujian Province, located on China's southeastern coast. With a long tradition as a coastal port and shipbuilding center, Fuzhou is the major coastal city between Hong Kong and Shanghai. It is known as "Banyan Town" after the subtropical Banyan trees planted there since the Song dynasty. As the central city of a province with many ethnic and linguistic links to Taiwan, Fuzhou has benefited from cross-strait investment and is today a major commercial and manufacturing center.
Known as the "City of Five Lambs," Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province and the southern gateway to China. It is a city of pleasant tropical parks and tree-shaded streets, and also an important commercial center. Its port, Huangpu (Whampoa), is southern China's major foreign trading port and is close to Hong Kong and Macao.
Situated in the northeast corner of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin is hailed by many as the most beautiful place in China and is one of the must-see destinations for most foreign tourists. According to a popular Chinese saying, "Guilin's scenery bests all others in the world." Its shapely-rising limestone towers and crystal-clear waters are often portrayed in Chinese artworks. Adding to its natural beauty are many fascinating caves.
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